1. M

    Survey about camera sliders

    Hello all. I'm an amateur Motion designer. I'm working on 3D motion video about camera sliders currently and especially about Edelkrone company's products. I need to learn why users prefer to use the the sliders they currently own, to make a good job. Could you please answer my questions below...
  2. Videvo

    Win a Motorised Slider for Filming Stock Footage! (Good Odds)

    HI guys, we're giving away a couple of motorised sliders this month over at Videvo. I was out having a play with them the other day, there are so many cool shots which you can accomplish! Check out the contest and see if it's for you :)...
  3. mindcut

    Cineslider Camera Mounting

    Hi, I want to show you just a simple way of mounting the camera on your slider . Hope you like it.
  4. mindcut

    Urban Exploration - filmed with Canon 7D

    Hi, It was my journey to the past. I just walked with my camera and saw all this around me....forgotten and it will never wake up again. With my pictures, editing and sound design i want to bring some life back to this forgotten place ... a film by Paul Prinz Used Equipment Canon 7D Canon...
  5. ruanlotter

    DSLR Camera Slider

    Heya everyone, I am back with my first Camera Gear Review: 4Ft Camera Slider Have a look and let me know what you think. Cheerz, Ruan Twitter: @ruanlotter