short film festival

  1. PaulBruce

    14th Edinburgh Short Film Festival Open For Entries - International Showcases & Awards

    The 14th edition of the ESFF with more short film screenings in Edinburgh, International Film Festival showcases, trophies, awards and industry networking. We're also programming showcases of our best films for our international film festival partners across Europe. Max Length 25 minutes...
  2. Capri_IFF

    Capri Movie International Film Festival

    Greetings! if you miss any content of the Capri Movie International Film Festival, you can follow and watch all of our back stage videos and streamings in our Youtube Channel, Facebook and Instagram page down below. Hope to see you guys in the next edition! Capri Movie Youtube Channel Capri...
  3. T

    Toronto Indie Night Last Call for Submissions

    Toronto Indie Night isn’t your typical film fest. Focusing on supporting emerging content AND forgotten gems alike, Indie Night offers a professional yet laid-back environment to explore truly unique short-form content. We screen all forms of digital media, and media arts included but not...
  4. W

    Renderyard 8th Short Film Festival will be first ever Smart TV film festival

    Hello student filmmakers Just wanted to share some recent news about the 8th Renderyard Short Film Festival which has partnered with woomi, a web-enabled tv platform, to create the first smart TV film festival. Read the release here...