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    Online Distribution: Five Lessons Learned

    Read and share these 5 helpful tips! (Online Distribution: Five Lessons Learned) "Online Distribution: Five Lessons Learned" Written by Jonathan Moore After working on our feature documentary for much longer than planned, my wife Karen and I were prepared to send it out into the world for all...
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    New York Theatrical for SXSW drama SOUTH MOUNTAIN | Q&A from Director & Colombia Film Division Chair Hilary Brougher

    A powerful, intimate, SXSW drama opening in New York at Cinema Village on April 3, Q&A with writer/director Hilary Brougher to follow select screenings. The film follows Lila (Talia Balsam) who is left to her own devices when her kids leave for the summer and her husband leaves for good. A...
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    Film Distribution | domestic, international and self-distribution

    "Distribution. It’s that golden ticket of filmmaking. For many of us, it’s the reason we submit to film festivals and garner reviews and acclaim in the first place: to find a distributor! We want our movies to be out there in the world, in theaters, on DVD, on Netflix or iTunes or what have you...
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    Free Film Distribution

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted share this info with you. A women owned online & tv network called Hertube Plus is looking to offer free distribution of your film for one year on their platform. They will also help market your show or film by posting to all of their social networks and send out...
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    NEW POSTS! Professional Motion Picture Production and Distribution News Section

    Check out the new posts in the Film News Section - Professional Motion Picture Production and Distribution News :: --
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    Get Your Film Submitted and Get Distributed: LA Femme International Film Festival

    Get Your Film Submitted and Get Distributed: LA Femme International Film Festival July 16, 2011 Deadline approaching so submit now and don’t lose out on this opportunity! Follow the link at: <a href=""...
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    17 New Posts in "Motion Picture Production News" Section

    Christopher Plummer to Narrate TCM's Seven-Part Series "Moguls and Movie Stars: A History of Hollywood": New Documentary Debuts on TCM in November 2010...
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    Studio Acquires Distribution Rights (Next Film from Stephen Gaghan)

    Studio acquires worldwide distribution rights to Gaghan's first film since Oscar-Winning "Syriana". Synopsis All global activities are local somewhere... an elite, highly trained, deep cover operative loses everything, ultimately disappearing into Brooklyn, where he must start over. He washes...