1. T

    New TikTok styled App for audition actors and filmmakers

    Checkout this awesome new Tiktok styled Audition App for Actors and Film or any creative industry to connect and be discovered. You can create script or take a script and act short videos. Get paid for content They are also...
  2. G

    Audition from the Comfort of Your Living Room!

    Here is an AWESOME Hollywood opportunity without all of the time and travel costs!
  3. S

    Show Off You Acting Ability & Post Your Audition Video

    I'm in the process of pitching a new TV reality show to the television networks, which aims to help discover talented new screenwriters & actors. Whilst the negotiations are commencing, I've already started to liaise with other production companies and theatre groups throughout the globe, who...
  4. rosecitydarling

    Help me win an acting competition!

    Hi everyone, Hope you're all doing great! I entered an acting contest that requires votes to win. It would be a total blessing if a few of you could HELP ME! Please watch the auditions, and if you like mine the best, VOTE FOR ME! *Go to AMCTV.COM *Register with your email address if...