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  1. FjollaTeuta

    Capri International Film Festival

    Can I enter a submission if I am from Albania? It is a non EU country
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    Welcome to the Moonlight Online International Film Festival!

    Can I enter a submission if I am from Albania?
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    What motivates you to keep going?

    When you get tired, you go to sleep. You don't give up on your dreams! Take a break from what you are doing for a while. Get a part time job for a while. Or go in a holiday. :)
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    Are you ready for the Dji Mini 3 Pro Drone?

    I heard many rumors about this drone. Many people are excited. I am still waiting to see the reviews after it comes out.
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    Dustin has so much potential, I'm following his MRU progress ever since he started posting on the forums.
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    1230 Hopewell Road - Full Trailer

    You should enter your movie to a contest or a festival. I saw some posted here on the forums.
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    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Completed my Arthouse fantasy Feature!

    Happy Birthday!! I watched some of your previous work as well here on the forums and I have always been impressed by your potential and talent. Even if you go to film school or not, it would be sad if you would let all this talent go to waste. You could try finding an internship in this industry :D
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    1230 Hopewell Road - Full Trailer

    Will this link be active after 1 week? I know that wetransfer usually keeps its files for one week or so. I am currently travelling and will be back in about 2 weeks but I do want to see your movie.
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    Is iPhone's new Cinematic Mode a good low budget option?

    A few years ago, students used handycams to learn how to shoot their first movies. Now they use a smartphone. There is a huge difference in what they can create these days compared to 10 years ago. I wonder what the next 10 years in technological advancement will bring us tbh
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    iPhone Cinematography

    I saw many people talking about iPhone cinematography lately, especially since the new model has the "cinematic mode".
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    How To Be An Internship Rock Star: 8 Do’s and 8 Don’ts

    I wish someone told me these tips & tricks before I applied to my first internships
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    Sign up today! Limited Time $10 Print Subscription Offer Ends Soon!

    Congratulations for all the hard work you put into creating this magazine, everyone!!!
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    1230 Hopewell Road - Full Trailer

    What's with the BDSM scenes tho?
  15. FjollaTeuta

    You can shoot movies in Ceala Forest, Arad

    This is actually a very good location for students. The images look very good, too.
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    How to develop, produce and distribute your own short films constantly without burning out.

    This is the best in-depth guide that I have read. Thank you for the time you put into sharing your knowledge with us, Ivan!
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    When You Get Me and My buddy Harold together, Oh Weee! Enjoy this slap stick comedy.

    Let's stand back for a minute and admire the skill of the camera man
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    "Do I need film school to become a filmmaker?" Answered from a students' perspective

    Film School has many benefits. For example, you can meet others just like you and this will help you create projects together. Sure, you can meet others like you online but it is different if all of you are in the same physical space.