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    How do you ask someone if you can make a documentary about them?

    An important part of our unwritten history are documentaries made about the simple people who have an inspiring story that no one has told before. Such is the example of people who have survived through tragedies such as wars or tyranny. There are also stories, true stories that should be told...
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    Community Spotlight: Anita Ivette Ferrer

    I watched the full video. I wish the new generation would have your motivation levels. The world would be such a better place. I do not live anywhere near your location but I would like to support your work online if possible, even with a simple like or view. Keep us updated about the child...
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    A reversible jacket that actually works!

    Your short films are funny and you are very charismatic. It is also very funny that you are making a video about jackets during August, when there is so hot outside
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    How do I find filmmakers in my area?

    Good day student filmmakers from all over the world! I am a novice in this industry and I wish to make my first short film. I do not own any professional gear (I have a smartphone) and I do not have any experience. However, I wish to learn as much as I can and follow my passion for filmmaking...
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    Custom Composer For Free

    You are next level, mate! I like how you rewrote the soundtrack of those videos, too!
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    Composer looking to collaborate FREE (link to soundcloud available)

    What made you compose "Rivermoon"? I like it.
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    War in Ukraine

    I still cannot believe that the world leaders allowed such tragedy to happen because an old crazy leader who shouldn't even be allowed to lead a country at his age decided to take away what generations struggled so hard to build and create. I hope you are still well in these dangerous times and...
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    Media Composer looking for collaborations with Filmmakers

    Good day sir! I startedf listening to some of your compositions from your website. As I have reached "Fright", I was thinking how well it would fit a western TV Show like "Westworld"
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    How do you like this one?

    I am listening to it now and my jaw literally dropped. This is better than the soundtrack I heard in many movies! For some reason, I have been thinking about how well it would fit a video game cinematic part, such as WarCraft.
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    Ex-Prime Video Movie Buyer: Deal Basics

    Good day! Do you have more helpful resources like this one?
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    Screenwriting Tips from the Pros

    The pros give the best advice! Quentin Tarantino gave me a great idea on what to do for my first film.
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    3 ideas to write an engaging script

    I am happy that I have read this post before starting to work on my first script. I have always thought that the script is like a book. I have never been so wrong in my entire life it seems.
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    How do you like this one?

    Good day, I wanted to listen to the soundcloud you provided but the link is no longer available
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    Mother's Day: Animated film about women's education

    If I ever get married, this is how I wish my family would look like: happy, supportive and peaceful.
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    HUMANITY - The Movie | Teaser Trailer

    You have read a lot for your age and you have a lot of knowledge about ancient civilizations.
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    Student Work

    Do you wish to work in Television after you graduate? I honestly believe you could make really good documentaries.
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    Visual artist and filmmaker Sujin Kim chooses animation to tell her documentary story

    This person has a bright future ahead! That animation looks amazing!
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    Why Focal Lengths Matter in Cinematography

    I heard about Focal Lenghts before. I did not research what they mean. This article was self explanatory and it helped me to better understand!
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    I have spent the last minutes reading all of these quotes. I needed to hear some of these messages. Thank you!
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    4 reasons to attend Film Festivals

    As an aspiring filmmaker, I should attend a film festival to better understand this industry.