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  1. Maura N.

    Screenwriting Tips from the Pros

    Screenwriting is an art and each artist has a different style of telling the story. Each scene that is written down can be approached from multiple perspectives and there can be many solutions to the same problem. For this reason, it can be confusing for beginners to understand how to write a...
  2. Maura N.

    3 ideas to write an engaging script

    One of the main challenges that you need to overcome when writing your script is to make it engaging. It can be difficult when you are just starting, because you do not have the experience to help you out. But don’t worry! Here are 3 ideas that might help you to write an engaging script for your...
  3. Maura N.

    Vanishing Point – Small Preview Of an Incomplete Project

    I started working on a personal creative projects two years ago. The end result was supposed to be a creative music video, that would feature multiple characters from video games. Sadly, the pandemic restricted most outdoor activity for a long while, which made it very difficult to continue...
  4. Maura N.

    4 Free Screenwriting Software for Writers in 2022

    Every screenwriter needs the right tool to work with in order to unlock his full potential. After talking with a few screenwriters from our community, I have made a selection of the top 4 free screenwriting software that you can use in 2022 to create your first script: 1. Causality Perhaps one...
  5. Maura N.

    5 awesome videos that you can shoot this summer with your Drone

    The nice weather during the summer season holds a great opportunity for video makers who wish to shoot amazing scenes with their drones. Here are 5 ideas of videos that you can shoot using your drone: 1. Agriculture Land An agriculture land is beautiful, especially during the summer, when the...
  6. Maura N.

    What is your "To Do List" when going to an interview?

    You have just started applying for internships and jobs and you managed to schedule your first interview. This can become an important step in your future career and you need to be prepared. I have put together a "To Do List" to help you prepare for this big opportunity: 1. Do your own...
  7. Maura N.

    Can you fly your drone in Greece? Here's what you should know!

    The Summer holidays are coming and one of the preferred touristic destination in Europe is Greece. This could allow filmmakers to take breath-taking footage from the beautiful Greek Islands, such as Thassos, Crete, Santorini, Lefkada, or even from the impressive Meteora. If you plan on taking...
  8. Maura N.

    Community Spotlight: Richard Tiland

    Today I am joined by Richard Tiland, a very active member of our network.
  9. Maura N.

    A few tips to ensure the safety on the set

    You are just starting your career as a filmmaker and you are probably very excited. However, before you start shooting videos, you need to make sure you ensure the safety on set for all those involved in your new project. 1. Conduct a Risk Assessment before you begin filming There are many...
  10. Maura N.

    Screenwriting tips for beginners

    You are excited to become a screenwriter, but you don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips for you! 1. The hardest part is to get started The hardest part about becoming a screenwriter is not to come up with the best idea, but to get started. Start by turning your day into your...
  11. Maura N.

    How to enable Grid Lines on your Smartphone

    In the past days, I saw a discussion in our community about the "Grid" option for the smartphone, therefore, I decided to do a little research about it. What is the Camera Grid? The Camera Grid is a visual aid, a visual feature that you can use on your smartphone to divide your photo using...
  12. Maura N.

    Tips on how to make product commercial videos using your smartphone

    When you are just starting in your filmmaking career, you need to work with what you have. At the moment, the filmmaking tool that most of us have access to is a smartphone. It can be a difficult challenge, but you can create a professional product video using, for example, an iPhone. However...
  13. Maura N.

    4 reasons to attend Film Festivals

    Film Festivals are an amazing opportunity for you to gain exposure and make new connections.Whether you are a student, hobbyist or professional, you can have an amazing experience. Here are 4 reasons to attend Film Festivals: 1. Networking Attending a Film Festival can increase your odds of...
  14. Maura N.

    What rules should you follow if you own a drone below 250 g?

    The biggest advantage of owning a drone under 250 g is that you don’t have to register it. However, weight is not the only aspect you need to be aware of. There are other regulations that still apply. In the US, drones are considered UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). Here are a few regulations...
  15. Maura N.

    Are you ready for the Dji Mini 3 Pro Drone?

    Many filmmakers are excited about the new drone, the Dji Mini 3 Pro. Not much is known about this new drone at this moment, however, a few online leaks have left a few hints. 1. It will weigth less than 249 g As the previous drone, the new DJI Mini 3 Pro will weigth less than 249 g. This...
  16. Maura N.

    Tips on how to get the props you need for your project

    When you are working on a project, you will need different props. Depending on your location, it can be easier or harder to obtain those props. There are a few options that you might have: 1. Craft your own props This option is time consuming and requires skill, creativity and raw materials...
  17. Maura N.

    Tips on how to use the Gimbal on your Smartphone

    If you love taking breathtaking shots with your smartphone, you probably understood by now the benefits of using a Gimbal. There are Gimbals that are easier to use, such as the DJI Osmo Mobile series, or Gimbals that are harder to use because you need to manually set them up, such as the ones...
  18. Maura N.

    Community Spotlight: Alan M.

    Today I am joined by Alan, a professional video editor and an active member of our community.
  19. Maura N.

    How to create a Katana prop for your project

    For those of you who wish to create a Katana prop for your project, there is a simple method to do it. However, you need to consider that this method requires you to own a 3D printer and set it up in advance. Katanas are the Japanese swords, that have a curved, single-edged blade and a circular...
  20. Maura N.

    Cosplay Tip on Creating Props and Costumes

    I know some of you are passionate about cosplay, however, it can be quite difficult to create the props and costumes by yourself. For this purpose, I have done a bit of research and I found a method that could help those of you who are trying to create big swords, helmets or costumes. The...