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    Roman History Photoshoot

    Roman History Photoshoot
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    Romanian Mountains - Garana

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    Make-up Portrait of a Young Lady

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    Water Lily - Baile Felix, Oradea

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    Product Photoshoot 📸

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    Nails Photoshoot

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    Winter Photo Contest: Water in the snow

    Water in the snow FIRST NAME: Nicolăiță LAST NAME: Alexandru LOCATION: Arad, Romania PHOTO LOCATION: Gărâna, Romania (Carpathian Mountains) CAMERA: Sony A6000 LENS: Sigma Lens 30mm f1/4 EDITING SOFTWARE (IF ANY): I slightly used Adobe Lightroom FILTERS USED (IF ANY): None LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE...
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    We are all connected

    A "selfie" idea that I had for a long time :)
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    Soft Coffee - B-roll

    Soft Coffee is a nice local coffee-shop from my hometown in Romania. They always serve good coffee with a smile on their face and their positive vibes always makes my day a bit better. I asked them to make a short B-roll about coffee and this is the result:
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    Car B-roll

    A good friend of mine has a classical car that he is very proud of. Because of this, I really wanted to make a short b-roll with this and this is the result:
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    Mondioring Training -

    Dog training is a difficult, but extremely rewarding job. I had the opportunity of filming my father working with his dog, 🐶 Fatima Arcanis 🐶 (better known as Bee), and preparing for Mondioring. The video was filmed with Sony A6000, Sigma Lens 56 mm f1/4, Huawei P30 Pro and the gimbal from DJI...
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    LifeLine - 4 Walls

    Hello filmmakers from all over the world! :) I am the vocalist of "LifeLine", a local alternative rock band from the small city Arad, Romania and today I want to share with you one of our original songs: 4 Walls.