Sean & Patrick Carnahan

Music is our family business. We grew up in a musical house and have been playing instruments since we were toddlers. We are award-winning instrumentalists/composers and have performed with multiple Bay Area symphony orchestras, concert bands, and jazz bands. Our journey has taken us to composing which is the perfect canvas for us to share our music with the world!

Sean Carnahan
I have studied violin, percussion, piano, and composing with some of the top musicians in the Bay Area. I am the concertmaster at Marin School of the Arts and have performed with the College of Marin Orchestra, the Marin Youth Symphony, the Marin Symphony and have recorded at Skywalker Ranch. I also have a teaching studio where I work with violin and percussion students. I was recently voted the top young film composer in the USA and top 5 world-wide (https://www.hamlischawards.org/youth-film-2022).

Patrick Carnahan
I am a multi-instrumentalist and play trumpet, violin, piano, and compose. Like my twin brother, I have also studied with some of the top professionals in the Bay Area. I have performed with the Marin Youth Orchestra, the Marin Symphony, College of Marin Orchestra, the Marin School of the Arts band and orchestra, and played principal trumpet with the Marin County Honor Band. I have also recorded on multiple occasions at Skywalker Ranch. I specialize in film/media composing and am currently writing and directing my debut short-film.
SF Bay Area
Media Composer


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